Mepham Football Parent Club Meeting

Tuesday February 6, 2018 7:00 pm

1)Elected Board positions: Kristen Novello Varsity President, Ken Kazokas Varsity Co-President; Ronni Koukoulis Secretary; Diane Wise Treasurer

2) Position still need to be filled: JV President

3) Treasurer Report- Joe Ferreri will audit books; balance is about $7200 will be about $199 after dinner

4)Discussion on merchandise- Carmela Mroz Spirit Wear-2016 there was no profit from merchandise – we hope 2017 will be better . Won’t know until audit. On February 27,2018 we will be selling to incoming freshman (need volunteers to help)this will cover tip for awards dinner

5)Awards Dinner - 158 people – Boys will be getting t-shirts as a gift; coaches and Bridget getting gift from boys; video will be playing during dinner

6) Joe Novello set up Website; through website he is setting up PayPal

7) Discussion on fundraising: Board members will have to step up and volunteer; Each will have to come up with 1 community service idea and 1 fundraiser and will lead it.

                  *Cathy Paolillo volunteered to do the plant sale in May

                  *Need parent volunteers during car washes

8) We might do online  picnic sign -up

9) Banner sales- $60 each- is a great keepsake; pictures are taken in the summer

10) Gold Cards-our biggest fundraiser- the most profit; we need 2 people to take on the responsibility to build the card ourselves. We can use the card we had last year and build on that; we must use legal document to sign up vendors.

11) Had to cancel fishing trip –not enough participation; we will try to do a team building event where freshman meet the seniors

12) Community Service- we will still do the following:

                  *Adopt a Park

                  *Breast Cancer Walk

We will contact Newbridge Road Park again; Ronald McDonald House will be first come first serve and no transportation will be provided; Wendy White will look into Huntington Walk at Belmont State Park and the “Inn” for community service.

13) Discussion on recycling bottles for games

15) Coach’s Discussion:

                  *Sent out approved schedule

                  *system camp dates 6/26 & 6/27 Monday & Tues won’t interfere with travel baseball

                  *6/28-7/8 most ideal time to take family vacation; also 1 week before we start camp

                  *Mon. Tues. off Wed. Thurs. Fri. schedule

                  *August SAT 8/25/18 @Kennedy HS only 300 seats sign up early

                  *8/20 1st day of practice

                  *Varsity games at 1:00 on Saturday; JV games at 4:30 on Mondays; now a player can be brought up to varsity if he doesn’t play he can still play his game on JV on Monday. There will be a lot less separation between JV and varsity. JV will no longer be capped at 10th grade. Also BMCHSD considering having 8th graders playing JV.

                  *Our goal is to play as many kids as possible.

                  *Incentives will be brought back –kids will earn rewards; the goal is to get kids competing; it worked out pretty well last year

16) Some final thoughts on fundraising: thousands of dollars went back to our kids from fundraising:


                  *platform App


                  *cold gear

                  *homecoming lunch

                  *Friday                  night playoff pasta dinners

                  *Game day playoff dinners

17) This year the Board approved corporate sponsoring; now that we have a website and we are non for profit we can do it. This is a no cost fundraiser- Coach will look into this.

Meeting ended 9:00pm